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Updated: Jan 17

For most people, starting the year off with a highly publicized breakup would be the worst of your troubles. Unfortunately for celebrated rhythm and blues singer, Toni Braxton, is as famous for her astounding money troubles as she is for her beautiful voice.

In January of 2019, just days after calling off her engagement to hip hop singer Birdman, court records came out revealing the IRS had filed a lien against Braxton for over $340,000 in back taxes for 2017. A the same time, the California Franchise Tax Board also filed a tax lien against her for over $116,000. Both the IRS and the state of California warned Braxton that if she failed to pay her taxes, they would start the process of seizing her property.

This isn't the first time the Grammy winner has found herself with money troubles. Last year, Braxton was hit with four tax liens - two from the state of California and two from the IRS. At the time, the singer owed $780,808.29 in back taxes form 2015 and 2016.

Braxton has also filed for bankruptcy twice in the past. She first filed for bankruptcy in 1998, later blaming a bad record deal as the reason for her money troubles. Additionally, Braxton has claimed she spent most of her money on "girly things" like dishes, housewares, and Faberge eggs. Last when Braxton filed for bankruptcy again in 2010, she cited health problems that forced her to cancel a number of shows. Braxton reportedly had $10 million in debt erased after her second bankruptcy.

Braxton has been very open about her financial struggles, saying she is a cautionary tale for aspiring young artists. Hopefully Braxton and the IRS will be able to work out a deal and she won't be saying, "The third time's the charm!" next year.

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