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Do You Have Unfiled Back Tax Returns?  How to Come in From the Cold With the IRS

If you haven’t filed tax returns for a few years, what’s the best way to get back into the system and avoid possible nasty consequences like a criminal referral? Tax Collection Relief, LLC will look at which returns you need to file to get back into the system and help you prepare and file back returns.

The IRS knows the identities of more than 10 million non-filers, many of whom are considered high-income earners and is doing more to pursue them. The IRS is taking more aggressive enforcement against non-filers, including filing an automated substitute for tax returns against many of these taxpayers using third-party information, such as 1099s or a W-2, and/or withholding refunds until all tax returns are filed for the five years surrounding their return.

Preparing and filing accurate tax returns is the first critical step for taxpayers to resolve their tax problems. There is a cost in preparing returns and resolving the tax debt, but the downside of being caught by the government may be much worse. Tax Collection Relief, LLC has the expertise to fairly get you back into the system.

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The IRS may owe you money. Time is running out to file for your 2018 refund. You only have until April 15, 2022. We help clients file all prior years. We helped a client today file his 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 returns with refunds totaling over $40,000! Your results may vary.

10 February 2022

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