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Even A Dog Can Get in Trouble with the IRS

A Reality TV Star, Dog the Bounty Hunter, is being hunted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS has charged him with 17 federal tax liens against Dog since 1990. He owes $1.6 million in back taxes. Dog, who used to hunt fugitives on reality TV, claimed the IRS did not correctly serve him a delinquency notice in 2012 for taxes owed. However, it seems he just stopped paying taxes after that and his debt to the US Government ballooned.

While he currently lives in Florida, from 2010-2011 he changed his home address three times which made it difficult for the feds to track him down. In 2019, a Tax Court Judge addressed the shifty home address scheme and told Dog that he was making the process harder on himself by simply not providing the necessary and accurate information. At one point he listed his two accountant’s office addresses as his home address in LA and in his home state he again listed two different addresses.

The judge ultimately tossed Dog’s appeals to pay because he never gave the IRS the address that would be best to communicate with him and the IRS had done their job to reach out to him. While Dog has accused the tax commission of different violations, it looks like the address he gave in Florida isn’t his home address. In pure ironic fashion, the judge and the IRS seem to have him cornered, much like he used to corner fugitives on reality TV

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